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You *might* have noticed that we’ve made some twool woolly bags for Waitrose…! Here are some of the wonderful things that have been said on the subject:             And the British Wool Marketing Board 🙂

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As it’s British Flowers Week we thought we’d invite wedding florist – Alice from Lock Cottage Flowers – to blog for us 🙂 Hi twool fans — I’m a wedding florist based in Surrey and love using twool, especially in jam jar designs — which are most often used in weddings that have a rustic or… Read more »

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We’ve been very busy over the last couple of months working on a new twool woolly bag. You lucky lot have been able to get your hands on twool shoppers and veg bags for a while, but now we’ve taken them to Waitrose…! Everyone knows that plastic bags are bad for the environment. But so… Read more »