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Deerstalker hat – you know, the Sherlock Holmes hat! The one with the ear flaps? Yes? No, actually…

Yes, Deerstalkers are the hats with the flaps and are iconically synonymous with Sherlock Holmes. However, did you know, Conan Doyle never mentions a deerstalker once? It was actually Sidney Paget who pencilled the famous image for publication in Strand Magazine. The image stuck!


Deerstalker hat - twool


The Deerstalker was also known as a ‘fore-and-aft’ cap, on account of the bill at the front and back. It is a close-fitting hat perfect for outdoors in colder climes. As the name suggests, historically, it was a hat used for hunting, shooting and deerstalking and originated in Scotland. It’s a cloth hat made in traditional tweed with a brim at the front and back as well as iconic ear flaps for protection against the elements.

In spite of the legendary links to Sherlock, the deerstalker would never have been seen in Victorian urban settings. A most practical hat and a key part of one’s hunting attire, it would only have been used on hunts in the countryside! In fact, it’s design was perfect for long stints hunting in all weathers across the UK from the highlands to the dales and fens. The iconic design has a brim at the back to keep the neck dry and the wind out as well as a brim at the front that keeps the sun out of the eyes. The ear flaps are either tied up out of the way on top of the hat or tied under the chin to keep the ears warm!

Deerstalker hat ear flaps - twool


The twool Deerstalker comes in traditional houndstooth woollen cloth and is hand tailored by Lawrence and Foster, family run milliners in Yorkshire. So, what are you waiting for? Winter’s on its way, style and function in a single hat!!

Kim in her deerstalker hat - twool


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