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Q: Hi Tom, thanks for joining us today in the twool shed. You’ve got a pretty hectic schedule with RHS Chelsea just around the corner, so we appreciate you giving us your time.


🍅 Thanks for having me. It’s smaller in here than I was expecting…

Q: Um, funny you should say that.

“Peeping Tom”


🍅 Yes, I’m looking forward to Chelsea but it’s a bit of ‘mare on the timing front, what with the wedding and everything.

Q: You’re getting married?

🍅 No, not ME. Meghan and Harry.

Q: …right…

🍅 I’m pretty well a fixture at Royal Weddings. This generation anyway. Didn’t you see me at Will and Kate’s?

Q: No, we must have missed that. So, Tom, what’s your favourite thing in the garden?

🍅 Honestly? ME! Tomatoes are the best thing for any gardener. Any age. Any where. Any size from pot to plot. I’ve been known to grow on balconies, on allotments, in greenhouses, on windowsills even. I’m versatile.

Q: And I suppose that doesn’t stop with the growing either – once you’re harvested, you tomatoes are all about versatility from salad to sauces!

🍅 Nice. I was talking to The Big Cheese only the other day, he was saying he struggles with the Italian cuisine thing. Yeah, he’s grate on your pasta… [Tom breaks into a giggle]
Grate. GRATE. Get it? Put that in your transcript.

Q: Sorry? I didn’t catch that last bit. What else in the garden are you a fan of, aside from yourself?

🍅 I don’t do product placements, but I’m a huge fan of twool to grow alongside. Doesn’t cut into stems. Doesn’t rot on the spot and saves the planet while you’re at it! Preaching to the converted much?

Q: Awww, thanks Tom! You’re making me blush! It’s been a rough start to the year in the garden, what with the weather and all. But you look like you’re thriving now! What else have you been up to? I know you’ve done a lot of photo shoots…

🍅 Big Ben was off having a facelift and so I filled in for a while. Huge success. I had a great time. [Tom descends into giggles again. I’m beginning to feel a little warm in our tiny twool shed]

🍅 Get it? TIME.

He wasn’t joking:


🍅 I heard that you’re being sponsored by The Organic Gardening Catalogue for Chelsea this year, hey, that’s swell. Tell you who I’d love to meet? That Rob Smith at Dobies, he knows his onions, tomatoes too I’ve heard… any chance you could put in a word?

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