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Let’s all make one change for Wool Week! With our 7th clip collection behind us, we’re all about using the raw materials and by-products all around us to create a range of functional, top class products. If you’re familiar with what we do here at twool HQ, you’ll know it all started with the garden twine.

Clare Butcher's Farm, Dartmoor, One Change Wool Week


We import 1.2 thousand tonnes of jute twine into this country from Asia and Europe every single year. Quite aside from the carbon footprint of such imports, the flooding in Bangladesh has been absolutely shocking. When we look around us it’s very easy to be overwhelmed by all the bad things that are going on in the world. But we all know the adage that from one small acorn the mighty Oak does grow. If we all made one small change to our daily lives, think of the good that could exponentially come from that? #OneChange is a campaign that OneHutFull has just launched and it’s something that has been in our hearts from the very beginning of twool. It’s a narrative that weaves its way through the whole of our business. From sheep to spool. From twool twine binding plants to Waitrose Woolly shopping bags!

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Garden twine is an essential gardening product that none of us really think about. Like salt and pepper to a cook, it’s used but never really thought about. However, when you consider the potential 27 million UK gardeners, it’s a real issue and one that we’re passionate about.

British wool clip collection 2017, whiteface dartmoor wool, Wool Week One Change whiteface dartmoor wool

When do we take the time to stop and think about the provenance of what we’re buying? Why buy something imported, like jute, just to tie up plants? Why not buy a homegrown twine. A twine that is stronger, is made right here in the UK, that supports farmers and the British countryside. A twine that has nothing but natural goodness, that is a by-product of sheep farming, that comes from just down the road.

Kim and Clare for Wool Clip Collection

Ok, it might not earn us a Nobel peace prize or get us to Mars. But it’s a start. It’s one small change that all us gardeners can make. Join the Woolly revolution, support Wool Week and make your one small change…

Dartmoor, late summer 2017, Wool Week One Change

If you want more information on the clip collection, and our work with British Wool, here’s a little history.

You can read all about the #OneChange campaign over on the One Hut Full website.


Tea's up! Wool week one change, dartmoor, whiteface wool clip collection

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